Discovery Flights

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Basic Discovery Flight

This is where you will find out that you are addicted to flying. This package is designed to see if you will enjoy flying. Let's not kid ourselves we know you will. In this package, you will enjoy a 45-minute flight through the Ozarks. That you will never forget. There is no better time to step into aviation then right now. The Basic Discovery flight starts at $199.

The Captain Experience

Go ahead and say it. "This is your Captain Speaking Prepare for Take-off!" This is an experience you will never forget. You and a Certified Flight Instructor will take to the skies after a little ground instruction. You will be able to fly an airplane just like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Okay, maybe not Top Gun but you get the point. You will be able to take the controls and maneuver through the sky. Ground Instruction will be about 30 minutes long followed by 1 hour of Flight Time. The Captain Experience starts at $299.


Q: Can I take someone with me?

A: You will not be allowed to take someone with you since you are not a licensed pilot just yet.

Q: How old does the "Captain" need to be?

A: The "Captain" will need to be able to follow basic directions and listen to the Instructor. There is not a minimum age. We will consider everyone on a case by case basis.

Q: Where will we fly at?

A: All over the beautiful Ozarks.

Q: Does Big Air do Flight Training?

A: Absolutely, we would love to help you become a licensed pilot.